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Nick Name(s):  Hitman

Date Of Birth & Birth Place:   11/4 Chicakasha, Oklahoma

Three Qualities I Like In A Person:  Honesty, dependability, integrity

Three Favorite Power Artists:   Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Sam Smith

Favorite Sports team(s):  Wichita State Men’s Basketball team, KU Football, Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Quote:  "Winning  is not a sometime thing: it's an all the time thing. You don't win once in a  while; you don't do the right thing once in a while; you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."  Vince  Lombardi

Favorite Foods:  Mexican

You'd Never Know But I:  Love to read. I am NEVER without a book, and I only read non-fiction books.

I'm Afraid Of:  creepy crawler things like snakes, bugs, mice, etc!

How Did You Get Into Radio?  I knew from the age of  12 that I wanted to be in radio. I come from a very musical family where everyone in my family could either dance, sing, or play a instrument. I could not do any of those things! As you can imagine, being the youngest of five kids I had a lot of peer pressure in this area. So I told my family…you make the music, and I will play it on the radio! I have never done or wanted to do anything else in my life. I have been blessed.



Nick Name(s):  Mir. It started in high school and it's stuck with me over the years.
Birth Place: Wichita, Kansas
Three Qualities I Like In A Person: I have zero tolerance for BS.  Honesty, Sense of Humor and Kindness. 
Three Favorite Power Artists: Kanye and Jay z obviously and Nicki Minaj and of course Beyonce.  I'm in the bee hive.
Favorite Sports team(s): Shockers and KU. My brother and sister in law are Jayhawks and I will always love them but born and raised in Wichita makes me a very proud Shocker.  Some of my best memories are going to Shocker games with my grandparents and parents.
Favorite Quote:  You build on failure. -Johnny Cash
Favorite Foods: Wichita has so many yummy food spots. Tanya's Soup Kitchen, Flying Stove, Ziggy's Pizza, Dempsey's and The Anchor. I love them all!
You'd Never Know But I: am in the process of getting my first sleeve tattoo. It's a long process. Each piece is in honor of my family.
I'm Afraid Of: I love scary movies. Love them. But I do get super creeped out by movie's with demons.  I will have to sleep with the lights on clutching a rosary.
How Did You Get Into Radio? I worked with a news station here in Wichita (KNSS) and fell in love with radio. (real talk) Radio changed my life.‚Äč



Nick Name(s):  Rolls Royce

Date Of Birth & Birth Place:   Born and raised in Wichita at St. Francis hospital!  I went to Black Elementary, Hadley Middle School and North High!

Three Qualities I Like In A Person:  honesty, humor, work ethic

Three Favorite Power Artists: Drake, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Sports team(s):  Sporting KC (I’m a soccer nerd)

Favorite Quote: The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me ~ Ayn Rand

Favorite Foods:  Anything sweet

You'd Never Know But I:  don’t eat vegetables at all.

I'm Afraid Of:  My only fear is telling people what I’m afraid of.

How Did You Get Into Radio? – Radio is something I always wanted to do since I was young.  I went to Butler Community College on a Radio/TV/Film scholarship.  I worked at a 107.9 Jamz from 2006-2008, and also at KAKE TV as a video producer. The opportunity came for me to come to Power 93.5 in early 2008, and as they say… the rest is history!



Nick Name(s):   Missna has probably been my biggest nickname. My cousins haven’t called me Christina in 10 years, it’s always Missna.
Birth Place:  Oak Park, Illinois
Three Qualities I Like In A Person:  Honesty, Loyalty, and likes to have fun….I guess that’s why I have more dog friends than human ones
Three Favorite Power Artists:  Fetty Wap, Chris Brown, and Jason Derulo’s voices give me chills
Favorite Sports team(s):  San Diego Chargers
Favorite Quote:   "I like being a beginner. I like the moment where I can look at everyone and say 'I have no idea how to do this. Let's figure it out.'" - Justin Timberlake
Favorite Foods:  Don’t even think about getting in the way of me and a Steak, you will be destroyed.
You'd Never Know But I:  have killed almost every plant I’ve ever gotten.
I'm Afraid Of:  Snakes. Can’t do ‘em…just can’t.
How Did You Get Into Radio? I thought it would be fun in college to do on the side. I was shy so I thought radio might help bring me out of my shell…it did. Now I can’t stop.


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