Nick Name(s):  Hitman
Date Of Birth & Birth Place:   11/4 Chicakasha, Oklahoma
Three Qualities I Like In A Person:  Honesty, dependability, integrity
Three Favorite Power Artists:   T-Pain, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown
Favorite Sports team(s):  Wichita State Men’s Basketball team, KU Football, Kansas City Chiefs
Favorite Quote:  "Winning  is not a sometime thing: it's an all the time thing. You don't win
once in a  while; you don't do the right thing once in a while; you do them
right all the  time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."  Vince  Lombardi
Favorite Foods:  Mexican
You'd Never Know But I:  Love to read. I am NEVER without a book, and I only read non-fiction books.
I'm Afraid Of:  creepy crawler things like snakes, bugs, mice, etc!
How Did You Get Into Radio?  I knew from the age of  12 that I wanted to be in radio. I come from a very musical family where everyone in my family could either dance, sing, or play a instrument. I could not do any of those things! As you can imagine, being the youngest of five kids I had a lot of peer pressure in this area. So I told my family…you make the music, and I will play it on the radio! I have never done or wanted to do anything else in my life. I have been blessed.



Weekdays 6am - 10am

Date Of Birth & Birth Place: I'm a Leo from California, Silicon Valley to be exact. Hewlett Packard and I were born on the same street! No kiddin'.

Three Qualities I Like In A Person: Sense of humor, being laid back and intelligence.

Three Favorite Power Artists: Bruno Mars, Kanye West, and USHER!

Favorite Sports team(s): Raiders! But really, I'd rather go shoe shopping than watch sports. I'm a GIRL! Also love me some Shocker basketball since I got to Wichita during hoops season. The Shocker Nation is made up of the BEST fans anywhere!

Favorite Quote: "The measure you give will be the measure you get and still more will be given you." Mark 4:24.

Favorite Foods: Asian, Mexican, vegetarian, and gluten-free!

Favorite things about Wichita: The people are nice, the skies are clear, and there's no traffic.

Favorite Cause: Youthville! Just consider for a minute becoming a foster parent.

I'm Afraid Of: Tornadoes!!!!!!

How Did You Get Into Radio? Back at college #1, a friend told me I had to take a radio class with her, so I did. After one semester of radio classes, I got a job running a board at a station on the weekends during the overnight shift. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea so I stuck with it. I had a blast but took a step back to do journalism at one point. My love of radio never went away so I scoured the country until I found someone with a smart mouth and big laugh like myself. His name is Hitman and now we're on Power 93.5 every weekday morning from 6-10 together!



Nick Name(s):  Miranda. I don't think I really ever had a legit nick name. My dad used to call me "tubby" which was obviously awesome. 
Birth Place: Wichita, Kansas
Three Qualities I Like In A Person: Okay.....hmmmm. I would have to say honesty, kindness and sense of humor.
Three Favorite Power Artists: I have a new obsession with Flo-Rida. Ive made a fool of myself dancing to his music but I can't help myself. The man makes music that makes me want to dance.  I will love Kanye and Jay Z forever.  
Favorite Sports team(s): KU  Rock Chalk (yes, I am that annoying person that screams at the t.v. during games)
Favorite Quote:  You build on failure. -Johnny Cash     
Favorite Foods: Fresh fruit and veggies. I love farm and art markets.
You'd Never Know But I: am saving up for my first sleeve tattoo for my right arm.
I'm Afraid Of: Movies with demons. I hate that crap. Paranormal Activity about killed me. I could not sleep in my room for a month.
How Did You Get Into Radio? I worked with a news station here in Wichita (KNSS) and fell in love with radio. (real talk) Radio changed my life.



Monday - Thursday 7pm - 10pm, Friday 7pm - Midnight
What up? You can call me "Youso" (Pronounced: You - So ). That's really my name! Which made highschool tough because of the nicknames I inevitably got:  
You So Stupid and Yous-less were probably the best/worst.   
But the joke is on all my "haters" because now I live alone with my cat, have four years of college debt and get paid in food vouchers.   
My college years would prove to be even crazier than the highschool days. Like one time my friends and I managed to create a enormously popular social networking website in one night! (craigslist)   
I've lived in Wichita for only a year, but have had the opportunity to meet some of the kindest folk around. I now consider myself a Wichitan and a BIG fan of the Shockers. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around until they find someone who will work for less.   
Until then, join me Monday thru Thursday from 7-10 and Fridays from 7-12 as I break down the interactive 8@8 and Battle of the Fresh Jams. Also, you'll always walk away feeling better about yourself comparably.


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