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Who Knew Ping Pong Could Be This Exciting?

We've all played ping pong - also known as table tennis - at some point in our lives, right?

You get a four, five, maybe six shot volley going, and you feel pretty good about it.

How about a 41-shot volley?

That would be amazing.

And that's just what happened here during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland when a couple of the sport's best players faced each other

Check it out.

Watch Nigeria's Segun Toriola win an amazing 41-shot rally against Singapore's Ning Gao in the men's team table tennis semi-final at Glasgow 2014. #bbcglasgow2014

Posted by BBC Sport on Monday, July 28, 2014
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Redneck Avengers - Dang, This Here's Funny!

The folks at Bad Lip Reading have a knack for putting words into people's mouths.

They take clips from TV shows and sporting events and movies, and voice them over with utter nonsense that is just plain hysterical.

Their latest takes on Team Avengers, with "Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights."

This is some funny stuff, I swear!

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Is This Any Way to Sell a Book?

Harlequin Romances have long been known for cranking out fantasy novels about women being swept up by heroic men. Where every man has six-pack abs, and every woman has a heaving bosom and flowing locks of hair...

I guess. I've only heard.

But check out the way they're selling their newest title, "Never Trust a Cowboy."

The theme of the video: Escape the Everyday.

I guess when they've got to compete with mainstream blockbusters like "50 Shades of Grey," they've got to come up with something, right?

Check out the promo - and see what you think...

What happens when you read a romance? #WhateverYoureInto

Posted by Harlequin on Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Leave the Drone Alone

Lesson learned the hard way for Enrique Iglesias.

He was performing in concert in a bull ring in Tijuana when he tried to grab a drone that was floating above him, taking pictures of the crowd.

It's something he's done before. This time, it didn't go so well.

Check out this Instagram post about it.

"Something went wrong and he had an accident. He was semi-treated by crew on the side of the stage to try and stop the bleeding."

He cut two fingers pretty badly, but kept performing, ending the night looking like maybe he'd been gored by a bull.

He was flown to Los Angeles immediately afterwards and entirely treated there. No word on his condition.

LAST NIGHT IN #TIJUANA ENRIQUE IGLESIAS SUFFER AN ACCIDENT INTERACTING WITH THE DRONE IN THE SHOW Last night Enrique had a show at a bullfight ring in Tijuana, Mexico for 12k+ people as part of his #SexandLove world tour. During the show a drone is used to get crowd shots and some nights Enrique grabs the drone to give the audience a Point of View shot. Something went wrong and he had an accident. He was semi-treated by crew on the side of the stage to try and stop the bleeding. He was advised to stop the show. He decided to go on and continued playing for 30 minutes while the bleeding continued throughout the show. He was rushed to the airport where an ambulance met him there. He was then put on a plane to LA where we was then put on a plane to see a specialist. We will continue to update as we have more info. Thank you all for your love and concern.

A photo posted by Joe Bonilla (@joebonillaoficial) on

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Lightning Strikes - Twice!

There have been some nasty storms lately across the country.

Some of the storms come with lightning, which can be nasty and beautiful at the same time.

Check out these two videos of lightning strikes.

The first on a church steeple in Grand Isle, Maine, the second on the side of the road in Gautier, Mississippi.

Lightning Strike in MaineWOW! Carl Bouley, a Jr. firefighter for the Grand Isle Fire Department, caught this #lightning strike at the St Gerard-Mount Carmel Parish yesterday.Story HERE >>

Posted by WGME CBS 13 News, Portland on Thursday, May 28, 2015

WATCH: Police officer's dashcam catches lightning bolt striking I-10 in Gautier, Mississippi -- [ VIDEO: Gautier Police ]

Posted by ABC News on Friday, May 29, 2015
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Who Do You Think You're Kidding?

Bob Schieffer retired from CBS's Face the Nation yesterday, and he went out as a true journalist.

His guest was Jeb Bush, brother of President George W. Bush, son of President George H. W. Bush, who may or may not be a presidential candidate in 2016.

Bob nailed Jeb with a question about campaign finance regulations, and Jeb answered saying he was "nearing the end of this journey of traveling and listening to people, garnering, trying to get a sense of whether my candidacy would be viable or not," and then said he hadn't decided if he was running or not.

Bob wasn't buying it. "Now, you're not telling me that there's a possibility you may not run?"

A gentlemanly way of saying, "Who do you think you're kidding?"

Nicely done, Bob. We'll miss you on Sunday mornings.

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Are You Ready for Manhattanhenge?

Manhattanhenge happens a couple of times each year.

It's the name for the days on which the setting sun lines up perfectly with Manhattan's gridded streets to create some awesome pictures.

Manhattanhenge happens tonight and tomorrow night.

NBC New York reports the best places to witness it are cross streets like 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th streets.

They recommend that you go as far east as you can in Manhattan without losing sight of New Jersey.

Of course, that only works if you're in New York.

So here's what it looked like a few years ago. And I'm sure you can find some decent video and shots on YouTube after tonight and tomorrow, asuming the weather cooperates.

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Beyonce Meets Duck Tales

Sometimes, mash-ups of songs are a little silly.

This is one of them - the video of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" mashed up with the theme song from Duck Tales.

You know what?

It sort of works. Check it out, just for the fun of it!
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Got an Extra $100 Million Hanging Around?

Neverland, the California ranch owned by Michael Jackson, is on the market.

For just $100 million dollars, you can grab up the 2700-acre property in Los Olivos, just north of Santa Barbara.

There are 22 structures in all, including the train station that's modeled after the one on the Disney properties, plus a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and a 50-seat theater.

It's not called Neverland anymore - it's now Sycamore Valley Ranch - and the amusement park rides Jackson used to keep there are gone.

The listing agents say they're pre-screening buyers to keep out Jackson fans. They don't want someone to buy it up and turn it into a Graceland-style attraction.

Just in case that's what you had in mind.

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Leave Those S'mores Alone!

Okay, now the government has gone too far! has published the recipe for a healthy alternative to S'mores, that melted-chocolate-and-marshmallow-on-graham-cracker concoction that's so messy and wonderful, especially in the summer.

Ready? Instead of chocolate, strawberries. Instead of marshmallow, yogurt.

And instead of graham crackers, a couple of pieces of cardboard.

Okay, that last part's not real, but it might as well be.

Nothing wrong with strawberries and yogurt - they make a nice parfait.

But they pale in comparison to melty, drippy, messy chocolate and marshmallow.

Mind your own beeswax,!
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