Dilemma of the Day: Sharon Needs Advice About Her Daughter

Thursday, April 20th

Sharon is upset that her daughter is not graduating on time and needs advice...


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The dorms about her not being able to attend. We don't even know if she's gonna pass our summer school classes that she's gonna have to take more classes. After summer school just to get caught up so that she can't graduate. To attend this. Powering it eight point five hits marina hanging out a few in his 728. We got plea cigar rams coming on the air with sesame 8 o'clock hour and I'm super excited about fat but first. We talk about sharing sharing actually called earlier this morning and Democrats are talking to. And I couldn't even get her opponent's confidence and get on air so I had to hang up on her as a check so that we got a got. She said it was okay username. She doesn't however want to use her daughters so we're not coming to mention an amazing experience. All share Barrett. But this is her situation. With her daughter is a senior in high school. And she recently found out her daughter will not. Be graduating on time. Cocaine. She is furious. With her daughter said now we're going to have to you know push back college plans. We're going to have to and roller in summer school we were hoping she would get a job and make some money. So that she could save up for money to you get on campus you know I mean it's expensive. She's going to have to take care for gas she's gonna have to take care of a lot of things and now. We were in the Miller and trying to figure out what we're gonna end it'll mean she doesn't really understand nest she keeps telling us this isn't a big deal in the world over reacting. We got a call and like push back her semester certain that we forty pitch or we've got dorms about her not being able to attend. We don't even know if she's gonna pass our summer school classes that she's gonna have to take more classes. After summer school just to get caught up so that she can't graduate. To a ten this second semester of college. Actually this is a huge stealing you're not seeing it seriously she just keeps saying what ever. Sharon was stressed out this morning okay so look I just on how to deal. Some friends say I'm too easy on my daughter that I that I am not. Punishing her for not graduating on time there's things that they should be doing. So that reality hits her a little bit harder. So Syria needs our help. So look my kid just doesn't get it like not graduating on time is one thing that she doesn't get this is gonna cost meaner than money. Just understand that this is a big deal she's an apology for failing dollar class says. She just keeps telling us his senior right disclosed what is he knew he could school. Syria needs our help momma that's Brothers sisters aunts uncles whenever you mark call me up 86910 NE three. What should Sharon dale Scott natter senior daughter is not graduating on time. She's gonna have to postpone college she's gonna have to deal. Talk to the dorms about if she can get your money back what they can do about that what they can do about her not being able to go to school the first semester. And even if they can get her started in the second semester her daughter is an apologetic. She says it's like Susie and clearer than this is the big deal Susan Neiman teams so you did she isn't triple. Her dad and I are beside ourselves college is not cheap we've been saving up to this for years she has clearance than. What we did you look and aren't we need your advice 86910983. Sharing means you guys are okay. I mean my kids going to Emmental signing some parents and I mean some are real advice here are right 93 point back. Do you have some advice for Sharon. Yeah I actually use it Election. Day trying to it is lucked out I seen eerie ear and I I. Scholarship obvious you know Democrat we are. Well grandma and decided that because she's been so eager to. She can quit my arm my goal every day. Really did it mean that kind of game and actually. Yeah Ryan is IA I had gotten my and I. Graduated on time. Because I bait after school and I did everything that I could extra credit where. Jack I didn't ride lately as very that I graduated with pat very. And then you were able to go to college. I don't that we got to college that right twin sister would try to like it but she didn't. She didn't give her height at or hello my. Adult stage LA IR college not only pay back. Blue blue and that is no she did a lot of money. Yeah she needed. Obama. Paid 20000 dollars or college yeah. My sister just. Eight or 21 years old. Your and we are Montezuma surround this is good this is give nicer Sharon can't. I got your head out nearby. I mean where where it all at how my mom is or how you play well you're about what like there's any. Poppy like Hilton at it Eric. I mean he cut up so quickly Elian had about an hour by. I just the economy are popping had just made my day yes it's good. It. All and I appreciate it aren't any three point I would have an idea for Sharon. A mommy and daddy you're an hour. That topic at all. Or. Turkey at our lord and in ninth vacation. At army to do that money. Her own pop accurate and I'm old but I didn't feel you've done your are still at Erin to charitable or. They shouldn't do anything else but they'll. So almond at its mining gold backed or it. Really yes think about that I mean this is tens of thousands of dollars. You know depending upon where she's gonna go to college they go to Europe they can spend like a month for that much money. That it. Like it is our that they don't eat it you you're both still eight. They are that there are hurt. Sick or didn't do it in 8000800. Belt. All your kicked out with a well. I know. Not really pretty like they are. That's true because you now and I'm I'm sorry to say they Sharon I'm not trying to be mean but she sound spoiled she just sounds super spoiled. And not aware of the fact that the where would the real world and work likeness. I have ever met I got it. But I was. I want. It is. Our fault. It appeared to. Understand that the U. Boat people are are. Most to sit there and paid for their college and they they've got student loans like. Did game sell the think she's got folks say can afford to pay for now you need to be grateful you should be like working your bunt off. Exactly Obama that takes money they'll deny that. I think this is a perfect idea things for college where target and judge Sharon and her daughter who has lets her mom know. Know that she's not graduating on time. And is not sorry not one bit her mom said look we paid for college we worked so hard to this now I'm not going in you're not even so Ari. She sent any advice from parents what am I gonna do with my kid how can teach her a lesson. Collison and tells what you think 8691093. Power in any 3.5. Current and three point fans were talking about Sharon and her daughter G apps are nice. I Conchita. With technology today why is a woman just not finding out that circuit my graduate I've been on my kids that they're great. Our school here along because I can get on a computer and do what they're great are. It. I should about aesthetic is just an email about everything from attendants too grainy greens are being. If you know other senior this year well. And I've got an email today to gust and it got a little score we had a great week got a chance at it. So our current school not gonna take care and that's our master college and electing. A lot. Oh yeah non us in one's actually. The so mom and daddy be held accountable you okay this is not just the daughter big girl get her but kit. Told Mike that I might turn and is borderline like is that it got one break. Keep him graduating together it'd probably can't meant inheriting it commitment and the army. And at least a route all you Riordan is what they want when I'm JoAnne. He does not passed on time. He will not get too. Go into the army and pepper it will completely vetoed your military career that rendering about 68. He has to keep this so what us is that these seven some extra English port. The line. You can you keep us updated on how he's doing good now I'm invested we got three weeks. And it got great week let me get everything I can't count and I think he'll be okay. I'm not real happy with the school look at it just it is giant site that would work like 380 point. And hey guys twenty points for participation. It's seven to seven point scorer present presentation. And it was like wait a minute how did this work you know that the group. It's it's more so many point that this are lightning here at their senior year why are you get an armed group think. Only when their whole careers writing it. Strapping on their back like their partners their parent and as bad presentation he's got to pay or sell well in a four person group Lou. According to him one of the girl let vibrant and later you get a better re on the front page and I mean nobody else. You know that's where I need to start working on patients because of firing you I would have been not mom waiting at that girl I afterschool. I'm. I'm. Now with a teacher try. Do you want to know every. Opportunity a arm arm angle on what I like that look like. You weren't good mama don't admit I'm happy this technology was not around now than high school tell. Ya. Oh (%expletive) candidate. It at the board not holding back Clinton is our respect. It takes and you Q does some today on your cell phone or written barrio tanks Ari and I say yeah it's. Are ready to report however talking about Sharon hugest Vannatter daughter son graduating on time and now Sharon's upset to send. She's disappointed. We did for college who got all these things now we got to figure out she's not even ups. Yeah how we teach my kid a lesson. Miss colors say look mom. Look inward because you should know about this long before. Right now like you should've had an idea this was comment before graduation and I got to say. She made some good Paul Ryan's comment on and it's a big eggs eggs and I did I daydream about an 83 point five. And I knew that. He he's. Few of he did he didn't have the ambition anywhere they go and Bartlett and you know all back. I still want them to graduate that we got options after irritate you need it checked out and out yeah so. But but the master of high school he got extra Kelberg sign that featured two little. At this. The anyway and don't forget it. Out of school Horry and Barry he will let credit anyway. I thought a learning center. And you have to pay like 250 dollars to her house a credit or whatever but they come meet. The crack it any imminent and that they want it so he finishes hauled. A lot last year. And all those critically had to make up within the kind to graduate with a clock. Only see how hurt you that but make her paper or lean and mean. I'll links somewhere she needs to go pony up the money because. She obviously had no idea like what money means is she not just in Amy. Yeah I ended possible art graduate on time if you wanna spend the money as well I got a technique you pick. They your whole goal is. We have got to give him to graduate he needs to get out of my house it's. Yeah. Look at the east. Opt and other than being elected dishwasher or anything like it make it on about. Another thing you don't you kind of look forward to that empty nest helmet and then when things don't just really they don't you hate the no. Yeah and Hubert Colin that. Seven my answers shared her talk about her daughter not graduating on time and share and decide yourself to think it can cost a fortune now. We got a call a college we've got a call the doors and figure out what we're gonna end you know. And she just completely un bothered but as she doesn't care that this is putting me in her dad. And a bad way financially she doesn't care that she's graduating on time. Must close to until I get a teacher lesson so we're taking your parenting advice 86910983. Baron B 3.5.