Carmen Call

Friday, April 21st

Carmen Calls a guy who buys and sells used cycling equipment to try and sell Alejandro's biker shorts and helmet after she caught him cheating!


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I mean and it says here that youth buying and now I'm used cycling equipment. Yet that's threat comes. I know he he's not dead. But I'd like to me again he will be but he's not our. And I used his bike chain to chain him to the bed and that's a way he will remain until I can trust him again. But the first regular it. Won't sign the party is. He has collection of biker shorts. That are on different Connors and Ecstasy medium sized and Alice funding it maybe you'd like to practice and then. I guess that depend on the condition there and. On there's a couple of them Arabic but that's only because of the day that I caught him cheating I tip my machete and attempted to second tagged him for the third time. Well I. Don't think he'll be using a banana seats and Alan. How are okay well I'm I'm not one. Whenever one or foreign slaves are possibly have blood on her mom I'm not want that. On an animal in the show any sent him out well I don't. I'm not gonna. Hell yeah we've got one because I had and she just when. Eric. And it is. I'm sorry to hear that back right. What I assure that every day it's. Like I'm. Well I don't wanna hear it I don't want our. Guys and shouted out. I got good luck with your baby daddy of north south. And came and yeah. It's. A we.