Power 93.5/Wichita Auto Plaza Hi-Lo Jackpot!


Wichita Auto Plaza and Power 93.5 are gonna make it rain dolla, dolla, dolla bills ya’ll!

It’s the Power 93.5/Wichita Auto Plaza HI-LO JACKPOT CONTEST! Listen for the cue to call weekdays at around 7am, 8am, 3:35pm, and 5:20pm. If you are the 9th caller, you’re in for a chance to win!

Can you guess how much money is in our jackpot in 10 seconds? If you can, you win! It’s that’s easy. We will tell you to go higher or lower, and if you guess the right amount (down to the penny), you win the jackpot of cash! So make sure you listen weekdays at 7am, 8am, 3:35pm, and 5:20 because you will want to keep track of every single guess!

Wichita Auto Plaza, home of the crazy deals at 5927 E. Kellogg, is giving you a chance to win crazy money! Guess what’s in the jackpot of cash, and then take the money! From Wichita Auto Plaza, and the home of The Hitman & Carla in the Morning! The beat of the street and Wichita’s number one with the most music…its Power 93.5!