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November 21st. Mark it on your Calendars!

It's been a busy week for Rihanna. Not only has she been named sexiest women alive by Esquire Magazine (Is there a sexiest women not alive award?). She also released the cover art for her new album, "Talk that Talk". It's hitting stores November 21st, just in time for the Christmas season. If any friends or family are reading this post, this album would be the perfect gift, supposing you couldn't get me Rihanna herself. -Youso OUT
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Everyday Your Shufflin?

LMFAO is partnering with KIA to find the best shufflers this side of the party rock. Submit 60 second videos of YOU shuffling to PARTY ROCK ANTHEM and you could win 10,000 dollars and a chance to dance with the band. Submit your video HERE and/or HERE. Get to Shufflin because the deadline is OCTOBER 7. FULL STORY HERE
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By Request: "Watermelon" The Video.

This song debuted on the Battle of the Fresh Jams tonight and I was told the music video was hilarious. I can now confirm that this vidja did make me chuckle, but more importantly it made me really want some watermelon. Posting the video after the jump.(Disclaimer: The video is pretty harmless but the lyrics aren't) -Youso OUT
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Lindsey Lohan: Not A Pitbull Fan.

"I've listened to "Give Me Everything" about 100 times now and everytime it gets to Pitbulls line:
"Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein, keep flowin'...I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."
I always wonder, can he say that? Welp, the answer is NO. Lindsey is now sueing him for damage to her charcter and to have the song stripped from radio broadcast. Sooooo make sure you really enjoy it next time you hear it on POWER, it might be the last time. -YOUSO OUT Full story HERE.
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I Thought The Name "Youso" Was Bad

An Israeli couple have given a completely unique name to their newborn daughter. A name that doesn't exist anywhere else in the country. They named their new little girl after one of the most popular features on facebook... "Like". "Like" is named after the like button on facebook, which either lets people know when a friend approves of something or has too much time on their hands. They took the number one name on my list of possible names for my children. Good thing I always have "Netflix Jr." to fall back on. -Youso OUT! Full Story HERE!
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Lil Wayne: Future Bowling Hall Of Famer

Bowlin' My title is misleading. I'm just optimistic. He hasn't been inducted yet, but he is a nominee. Weezy F Baby is among a long list of celebrities who were nominated by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) for consideration into the International Bowling Hall of Fame. Other possible inducties include Michael Jordan, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. To cast your vote, visit GoBowling.com. (voting continues until August 6th) Make sure you study up on the canidates and their issues before voting. This just might be the most important election we'll have this decade. -Youso Out
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Where did Lil Wayne Learn "How to Love?"

This face will do all the selling FIRST, Lil Wayne has confirmed that his new album, Tha Carter IV, is complete and set to release August 29th (maybe) . What I thought was interesting was his influence for his acoustic single that's destroying the charts, "How To Love". Lil Wayne explanied:
"That song is just sweeping the world. It's touching every woman, that's what it was for, itwas like Tupac had 'Keep Ya Head Up' and it was a message to women and little girls across the world just to keep your head up even though things are hard. That's what my song was. A lot of women don't know how to love because there's deep reasons for them not knowing how to love."
Keep Killin it man. -Youso Out
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Famous Rappers Do The Darndest Things

Tyga blowing off some steam on his 400,000 dollar car: ME losing a contact at the other end of the table: -Youso Out
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I Can't Even Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time.

EVERYONE knows that texting while driving is a bad deal. I'm not sure anyone can argue against that, but it's a whole lot safer than playing, lets say Angry Birds, while driving. A new study shows that around 35 percent of drivers now use mobile apps while driving. EESH, I hope getting in an accident was worth breaking a record on Hold The Button. ONE APP you can't ever get in trouble for (probably) is our Power 93.9 App. Look up KDGS or Power939 and grab it for free on the Apple App Store. -Youso Out
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Lupe Has No Love For Obama

Lupe Fiasco is making the interview rounds on the heels of his release of his new album, "Lasers" with the hit single "The Show Goes On". In a recent interview he revealed that he thinks Obama's international policy promotes terrorism and went even so far as to call Obama himself, "the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America." Lupe countined to defend his point by saying,
"The root cause of terrorism is the stuff that the U.S. government allows to happen, the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists. And it's easy for us, because it's really just some oil that we can really get on our own.”
Full Story and Video HERE . It's always interesting to hear artists speak about something other then their music. You may not like what he stands for, but its refreshing to hear a guy who won't compromise. -Youso Out
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I Might Lose Man Points For This.

That title comes courtesy of this new joint by an Oakland born rapper name Kreayshawn. She went from relative obscurity to a record deal with Sony this week, all due to her viral youtube music video for her incredibly catch song, Gucci Gucci . After getting over 1.5 million views, Sony offered her a one million dollar record deal. That's whats up! Here is the link ----> Gucci Gucci Listen if you dare, you'll be humming it all frickin day. Also probably NSFW. Just a heads up. One last thing, is it me or is a women rapping just so incredibly hot? -Youso Out
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Kid gets Drake to perform at his Bar Mitzvah

My Dad got me a bike once... FULL STORY: http://hiphopwired.com/2011/05/09/drake-performs-at-bar-mitzvah-after-kanye%E2%80%99s-pricey-performance-fee-turned-down/ -Youso Out
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Get Your Weezy Fix. (First Ones Always Free)

You may have heard that the Lil Wayne album has been pushed back to June. This will have to hold me over till Carter IV drops. Its the new single with Rick Ross! "John".
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Half-Dollar is Pushing his Luck.

Alright, I've got a beef. I like 50 cent just fine. His old stuff isn't terrible and I'm sure his new stuff will be passable. As a person, he seems like he would be alright. I felt that way until I heard this rumor. The word on the web is that 50 cent is going to sign Jersey Shores, Pauly D, to a three record CD deal. If you aren't familiar with Jersey Shore, Pauly D is the orange one who wears tight shirts and impossible to like. It seems 50 Cent is trying to become relevant again for something other than really inappropriate tweets about Japan. "Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing." - 50 Cent It's ironic that 50 is offering Pauly this deal, because that's roughly how much I'd be willing to pay for one of their "Frisbees". Full Pauly and Fifty deal HERE Also, 50 is making it happen with a new single for yall sometime soon.
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You Got Your Minaj in my Spears

I would go, but just because I know both the ladies are currently single. I like my chances. -Youso out
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Charlie Sheens 'Torpedo' Not Ready for Launch

Charlie Sheen and his Violent Torpedo of Truth/ Defeat is not an option tour started a few days ago in Detroit and according to attendees, it was bad. At one point people started turning on Sheen.
"Sheen was booed off stage by a hostile crowd after delivering a poorly planned show filled with faux-Biblical preaching and extended video clips."
Winning? -Youso Out
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Charlie is showing Snoop Dogg his "Sheenius"

Charlie Sheen just tweeted that he and Snoop were in the studios working on a collaboration : “Warlock meets his makers-music makers that is @SnoopDogg @robpatterson666 get ready to rock the Sheenius within.” No date for their "song?" has been announced. I'm expecting musical and lyrical greatness. If Snoop or Sheen are reading this, if you want an instant hit, you should sample a little Rebecca Black in your joint... Supposing your only inspiration is a calendar. Full Story HERE. -Youso Out
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"Rolling Papers" Tracklist Released!

So everyone is lovin the stuff Wiz has already put out and it's making me impatient for his first full-length record. Amazon.co.uk recently revealed the track list for the Pittsburg natives first major-label LP.

The tracklisting for Rolling Papers: "When I'm Gone" "On My Level" -- ft. Too $hort "Black and Yellow" "Roll Up" "Hopes & Dreams" "Wake Up" "The Race" "Star of the Show" -- ft. Chevy Woods "No Sleep" "Get Your Sh**" "Top Floor" "Fly Solo" "Rooftops" -- ft. Curren$y "Cameras" I was shocked to see only a few collaborations on this record. Looks like Khalifa is doing it his way and earning his paycheck on his own skills. The world will have to wait to see if the Black and Yellow emcee will see any green from his debut attempt. Rolling Papers drops March 29th. -Youso Out
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I'm Obviously in the Wrong Business

Forbes just released the top wealthiest hip-hop artists. It breaks down like this: 1. Diddy ($475 million) 2. Jay-Z ($450 million) 3. Dr. Dre ($125 million) (If I made as much as Diddy; I'd pay people to carry me too) Diddy, Jay-Z and Mr. Young are the top three no doubt, but what might surprise you is who came in a very respectable forth place: 4. Youso ($12 thousand) My hip-hop career hasn't exactly taken off. Here are the real artists rounding out the top five richest hip-hop artists: 4. Birdman ($100 million) 5. 50 Cent ($100 million) Why isn't some of your other favorite artists on the top 5? These estimations by Forbes are built on some specific criteria.

" valuing current holdings, looking at past earnings, leafing through financial documents

and talking to a bevy of analysts, attorneys, managers and other industry players to find the nitty-gritty details.

We considered only performers, which is why Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons isn’t on this list."

-Youso out

Check the link for the full story. http://blogs.forbes.com/zackomalleygreenburg/2011/03/09/the-forbes-five-hip-hop-wealthiest-artists/
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