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Bullying Resources Courtesy of Dr. Linda Rhone


Dr. Linda Rhone, a community activist, speaker, grant writer and education faculty member at Southwestern College is here to discuss the complex international phenomenon of bullying and how it is woven into our daily lives. Rhone has spent more than twenty years in the roles of k-12 teacher, community college instructor, community educator, college instructor, university professor, and grant writer/manager. At the center of Rhone’s scholarship is social justice education—this means examining (and finding solutions) to oppressive behaviors that privilege some at the expense of others.   
After doing a doctoral dissertation on the topic of bullying and oppressive behaviors and receiving two grants to study the topic of bullying and oppressive behaviors, Rhone is convinced that in order to lessen bullying behavior overtime, it is important for us to include the two forms of bullying that have been left completely out of local, state, national, and international conversations—those are structural and cultural forms of bullying. **I discussed structural and cultural bullying on the air. We are all quite familiar with direct (hitting, kicking, choking, spitting) and indirect (gossiping, verbal abuse, cyberbullying, etc.) forms of bullying; however, what has not been evident in the past is that direct and indirect forms of bullying can be perpetuated by structural and cultural forms of bullying.

Through her first 93.9 interview on the topic of bullying (structural and cultural), Rhone simply wants to start a community dialogue about bullying and oppressive behaviors.  It is her desire to return to 93.9 and continue this discussion. Rhone is available for presentations and workshops—see contact information below:  

Linda F. Rhone, Ed.D.
Social Activist, Speaker, Grant Writer & Teacher Educator    
Phone (316) 992-6682
Email: lindarhone@cox.net

There are many anti-oppressive behaviors websites, Rhone suggested the following:
This website is an excellent resource designed to assist individuals, families, educational institutions, and organizations. There is information for those who bully, those who are bullied, and those who are bystanders to bullying behavior.
This website features the work of the late social justice educators Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal. There is information on current and past conferences held all over the United States. This organization is designed to break the cycle of oppression.
Resources for teachers:
*Reinventing Paulo Freire: A Pedagogy of Love, written by Antonio Darder
*Social Justice Plan Book www.justiceplanbook.com;
*Teaching Tolerance www.teachingtolerance.org;
*Rethinking Our Classrooms www.rethinkingourschools.org; and weblinks from
*Critical Multicultural Pavilion http://www.edchange.org/multicultural

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