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Marshawn Lynch, Skittle Seahawks
Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is notorious for avoiding the press and press conferences. But put a bowlful of Skittles candies in front of him, he's a veritable talking machine. It looks like a long-form commercial on...
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You Think They'd Know This One
Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, celebrated his birthday last weekend, and an impromptu partial cast reunion happened. Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler on the show, posted this video to Instagram, capturing the cast singing the...
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Sasquatch Plays in the Boston Snow
If it's on the internet, it's got to be true, right? A strange snow creature was pictured wandering the streets in and around Boston during Blizzard Juno. Sasquatch? Yeti? Bigfoot? Abominable snowman? The Boston Yeti enjoying...
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And the MVP of the Day Goes To...
Taylor Swift may not be plastered all over the social mediascape the way that Kim Kardashian is, but she does have a very strong presence. Something like 51 million followers, making her Twitter's fourth largest account. And there's 20 million on...
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Some of the Best Juno Memes
When weather strikes, you can always count on the internet for some fun memes. Blizzard Juno provided a great opportunity for so many folks to have fun as a genuine nor'easter dropped a thick blanket of snow on southern New England. Here are...
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Better Call Jimmy McGill?
The creative team and cast of Better Call Saul, the prequel to AMC's Breaking Bad, sat down to chat a little bit about the show's birth. It's a pretty informative piece, describing the time and place captured in the show. For instance,...
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Kardashian Klone Faktory?
Take a look at this Instagram picture at the bottom of this post... That's Bruce Jenner sort of in the middle, surrounded by his three step-daughters and two actual daughters. Unless you're an actual student of the K-Klan or a devotee of...
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The Winner of Super Bowl XLIX is...
For the 12th year in a row, the folks at EA Sports - makers of the Madden NFL video games - have played out the Super Bowl on their game. They plugged in the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, and the winner is... Well, maybe I shouldnt...
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Best No School Announcement Ever!
Moses Brown is a college prep school in Providence, Rhode Island. Yesterday, as Blizzard Juno bore down on the Northeast, promising up to two feet of snow and more for the region, MB's Head of School, Matt Glendinning, announced that there would...
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Fashion Statement or Fashion Victim
Olivia Culpo, who represented the USA in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2012 and who took home the crown, was in attendance for the 2015 pageant this weekend. She was on the arm of her boyfriend, singer Nick Jonas, and he posted this picture to his...
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